2021 Captain’s Packet

Attached is important information for the upcoming Spring Season. Please read over all of the information from this handout as well as the Tennis Link information below.

Registration for 55 and Over Opens December 4th to January 4th

Registration for 18 and 40 & Over Opens December 8th to January 10th

A new 18 & Over Women’s DAY League is being added for 2021.  You can play both DAY and EVENING League.  Please note for court accessibility. Locally it will be 3 courts of doubles.  If you go to STATE however you will be required to play 3 courts of doubles and 2 courts of singles.

If you know of someone you feel would make a good captain please pass this information along to them!  If you have captained a Spring Team in the past but don’t want to do so in 2021 please let me and your team know so that a new captain can be recruited!

For the upper levels an important regulation change has been made for 2021 as follows:
18 & Over – The Adult 18 & Over 5.0 level will no longer allow 5.5 players on it. The format remains 1S, 2D.

40 & Over – The Adult 40 & Over 4.5 league will no longer allow 5.0 players on it. Format remains 1S, 3D.

Tennis Link also has some Team Registration changes so please read this PDF.

Tennis Center Names and Site # INFO when registering Teams
POTC 919359301
ERCC 919359719
Cockrell 920202902
So Hills 919367641
STCC 919367674
BTC 2002314601
Querbes 919664305

We could not have the USTA League without people like you who are willing to give your time, energy, and patience to be a captain! Thank you so  much!

Have a great day, hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and hope to see you on the courts soon!! 

If you have any questions, please contact myself or Tad.

Rhonda Rubben
NWLACTA Adult Women’s League Coordinator

Tad Peters
NWLACTA Adult Men’s League Coordinator