About Our Organization

2017 Officers  

Bob Patterson, President
Mike Correal, Vice President
Grady Wilson, Vice President (Pro)
Sue Allender, Secretary
John Liles, Treasurer
Jay Boyd, Past President

Tammie Harris
Women’s, Tri-Level, Mixed, & Flex
(318) 426-6327

Bob Patterson
(318) 423-0354

Karen Jantz
(318) 218-2395

Kaye Cochran, Community Coordinator
Angela Phanner, 10 & Under Coordinator
Danny Roemer, Grievance Committee Chair

Louisiana Tennis Association Officers (local members):
Jay Boyd, Vice President
Bob Patterson, North LA Representative
Grady Wilson, USPTA Representative
John Liles, Senior State League Coordinator


What is a CTA? 
CTA is any geographically defined, not for profit, volunteer tennis organization that supports and provides programs which pulls the community together by promoting and developing the growth of tennis.

What is our purpose?
The purpose of the Northwest Louisiana CTA is to acquire grants and funding from the Louisiana Tennis Association (LTA), Southern Tennis Association (STA) and the United States Tennis Association (USTA), to use to provide the local tennis community assistance in growing the game of tennis.  Also, to promote tennis events, programs and leagues with funding and or marketing assistance.

Who are our members?
All USTA members are automatically grandfathered into the organization.  Also, any tennis enthusiast who is willing to devote time and energy and who will bring constructive ideas and suggestions is welcome to be a part of any or all CTA meetings.  Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00pm at East Ridge Country Club.

What are our goals?

  1. Acquire grants from LTA, STA and USTA to fund programs.
  2. Let local players know who we are and why we exist.
  3. Improve media relations and media coverage.
  4. Host annual workshop to certify officials for tournaments.
  5. Support and sponsor the city tournaments.
  6. Financially assist USA Adult League teams when they advance to Sectionals,  Regionals and beyond.
  7. Support local Juniors who are in need of financial assistance and sponsor Junior Novice Circuit.
  8. To eventually bring all local events and leagues under one umbrella to increase services and possibly reduce member costs.
  9. To promote and build the game of tennis in the Northwest Louisiana area.
  10. Promote USTA membership.