Local League Council Chair, League Coordinators as co-chairman, various players on committee

Promotes tennis participation in all adult categories. 

• Supports competitive programs for all players, collaborating with other local areas and organizations to maximize participation. 
• Supports recreational tennis opportunities for adults beginning in tennis young adults. Assist these players merging into league play.

• Captain Appreciation and Recognition
• Works with local State Tournaments Committee, League Council
• Meets quarterly


Board Member, Chairman and volunteers from various clubs and regions within our local tennis community

To recognize and honor those individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions within local tennis community.

• Reach out to increase the number of nominations from our local community for potential awardees through the LTA Awards.  
• Work with Media/Communication Committee to recognize tennis enthusiasts, volunteers and players for their contributions to the game of tennis throughout the year. 

• Request nomination ideas from board, pro’s, and coordinators 2 months prior to deadline
• Contact persons recommended and gave information for them to complete online
• Offer to assist in application and/or review as needed
• Follow up to ensure they had submitted
• Report to board on final applicants


Board Member, Chairman and Volunteer as Co-Chairman, and various volunteers

Hold 3-day tournament to kick off the season for local tennis players and raise funds for local adult and junior programs.

• Set Date and Host Facility
• Create flyers, social media promotion, and promote event and assist in promotion
• Recruit volunteers to either assist with set up, work a shift, take down, or supply food
• Recruit Sponsors and collection items for “Hit for Prizes” and Swag Bags
• Assist in getting players for all levels by encouraging all friends and tennis players you know to participate in the tournament
• Work Event


Treasurer Chairman and Executive Board

• To review the finances quarterly comparing to the budget 
• Prepare the annual budget, research opportunities for increased growth 
• Reviews and evaluates annual budget request from the committee Chairpersons and administrative staff
• Monitor financial transactions and accounting methods; and ensuring compliance with applicable internal and external reporting requirements.

Strategic Planning 
• Evaluates long term goals and in accordance with the CGPG Grant Requirements and the mission statement. 
• The Strategic Plan articulates the CTA vision, major goals, strategic priorities and action plans. 
• If approved by the Executive Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee will monitor progress toward meeting the stated goals and recommend changes as priorities change.


Vice President as Chairman, Executive & Board, and various volunteers

To seek out and obtain area persons and businesses as Community Partners annually to assist in the support of the local CTA and programs.

To raise funds annually to assist in support of local tennis programs

• Reach out to local contacts and solicit to become a Community Partner
• Obtain agreement and funds
• Follow up with a thank you and make sure they are noted throughout the year via website, FB posts, banners, etc.

Grand Slam Partner ($2500.00 plus)
– Name/Logo printed at Top of tournament player bags/gifts & handouts for year
– NWLACTA will supply a banner that will be posted at all CTA Events & Tournaments
– Promotion via all tournament signage, website, social and print media for year 
– 6 player registrations or 3 Teams (value of $450.00) 4 social fee bands (value of $80.00)

US Open Partner ($1500.00 plus)
– Name/Logo printed on tournament player bags/gifts & handouts for year
– Partner may supply banner that will be posted at all CTA Events & Tournaments
– Promotion via signage, website, social and print media for year 
– 4 player registrations or 2 Teams (value of $300.00)
– 2 social fee bands (value of $40.00 per event)

Trophy Partner ($1000.00 plus)  
– Name/Logo printed on tournament player bags/gifts & handouts for year
– Partner may supply banner that will be posted at all CTA Events & Tournaments
– Promotion via signage, website, social and print media for year 
– 2 player registrations or 1 Team (value of $150.00 per event)
– 2 social fee bands (value of $40.00 per event)

Final Round Partner ($500.00 plus)  
– Name/Logo printed on tournament handouts
– Partner may supply banner that will be posted at all CTA Events & Tournaments
– Promotion via signage, website, social and print media for year 
– 1 player registration (value of $75.00)
– 2 social fee bands (value of $40.00 per event)

Friends of CTA Partner ($100.00 plus & Item Donations)  
– Name/Logo printed on tournament flyer handouts
– Partner may supply banner that will be posted all CTA Events & Tournaments
– Promotion via social and print media 


Current or Past Board Member, Chairman and Board member Co Chairman, Community Coordinators members and volunteers

To raise funds for underserved, diversity, and adaptive junior and adult programs

Goals and Function:
• Identify program and set up program parameters
• Establish Budget
• Research and write USTA or STA Foundation Grants and/or seek sponsorships for programs
• Obtain facility and/or Pro and tennis staff to oversee and work the program
• Oversee, disburse, and monitor spending to ensure remains within grant or sponsor requirements
• End of Grant Report work


• To promote all tennis-related events and news via Website, email blasts, Facebook and Instagram accounts.  
• Will collaborate with other committees to coordinate marketing efforts for all.  
• Will promote engagement and interaction on our social media sites by encouraging the local tennis community to submit and share their achievements.

Goals & Functions: 
To build the following of our social media sites; to create a calendar of events that we will use to promote activities in future years

Website Technician – Chris Long and Rhonda Rubben

Purpose of Position
Provide technical support for development and maintenance of CTA website 

Major Functions, Responsibilities, Duties
• In direct coordination with CTA appointed board member and league coordinators and executive board designs, develops and updates CTA website 
• Establishes periodic interviews with CTA personnel to obtain guidance for designing and improving the website; provides opportunity to recommend improvements on the website. 
• Establishes schedule and procedures for updating website information including identifying specific content and update responsibilities of the various CTA organizational elements 
• Implements BOD approved website design, design improvements, and updates website 


Past President Chairman and/or Board member at large as Co-Chairman and volunteer 

• To review applications for Board membership 
• Solicit and Interview applicants and inform them of membership requirements 
• Nominate qualified applicants to serve on the Board of Directors and as Officers in accordance with the Bylaws.

To make high quality recommendations for filling vacancies based on needs that represent the diverse activities, cultural groups, and geographic locations of tennis activities.


Pro Board members as chairman and as co-chairman. Board Member at Large and Coordinators to serve on committee

works with facilities to identify, set up programming, and support for beginning level junior programs

• Liaison between USTA, STA, LTA and CTA to communicate current programs, as well as assist, support, and help implement in developing new junior leagues and initiatives 
• Works to grow and develop the local Junior Team Tennis (JTT) program. 
• Supports local Area League Coordinators with Team Challenges and other programs offered to juniors
• Assist and supports all local junior tournaments


Board Member and Volunteer to serve as Co-Chairman and local tennis community volunteers 

PurposeMajor Functions, Responsibilities, Duties
• Oversees and manages recruitment, lists, retention, and training of volunteers
• Works with facilities “Courtside Connection” group and “BLT” group on events
• Develops and maintains list of all CTA volunteers seeking to place volunteers where they are interested in serving
• Sends out emails, texts, personal invitations for recruitment of volunteers as projects and needs arise

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