All courts are now open for play!

ALL the public and private courts in Shreveport and Bossier are now OPEN for play!  

Please see the Tennis Safe Play Format.  These guidelines are in accordance with the USTA/Southern Rules and were created by a local committee, SPAR, Private Clubs, and Bossier Parks that will be utilized with adapted variations to meet each club and/or facilities needs while following the cities and states requirements.  

Once the USTA and LTA have made decisions on resuming league play and what that looks like, we will keep you updated and informed. The LTA League Council is waiting on USTA and Southern decisions that will impact our state and local decisions. 

More detailed information will be sent out this week by the CTA and each of the facilities and will be posted on their websites and Facebook Pages as they know more and have programs and hours of operations in place.  You can contact the SPAR facilities now for reservations and other information but please wait until Bossier puts out a statement to contact.  This should happen later today or tomorrow.

Please be patient and happy that all the tennis facilities are open!  And please abide by the regulations and guidelines that must be followed per the cities, mayors, and governor.  To all that play, please respect the guidelines that have been set. Staying healthy and safe is priority.   We would like to also let you know that with your Community Tennis Association (CTA) Board’s approval, many pros in our area received assistance through the CTA/LTA and Southern USTA grants. The BLT Group and others also made contributions.

Many thanks to everyone’s efforts to assist the pros during this time.  In addition, USTA and USTA Southern are currently offering grants to assist our local facilities to open back safely and address the Covid-19 concerns. We know this is has been hard on everyone and we sincerely need and appreciate your positive support! 

Lets also give a big THANK YOU to all the Pro’s, staff, and others in their diligent efforts to help get everyone back on the courts!

Tennis Safe Play Format
USTA Player Tips and Recommendations