April 25 Querbes Tennis Center update

On April 25, 2018, the Community Tennis Association’s Querbes Tennis Center committee met once again with Spar Representatives Shelly Ragle (Director), Russel Delancy (City Architect) and Becky Berry (Division Manager). Representing the CTA was Jay R. Boyd, Rhonda Rubben, Rick Holland, Brian Bernard and James West (Querbes Park Foundation).

Ms. Ragle and Mr. Delancy showed us new building plans to bring the building itself into ADA compliance. It is a scaled down plan that will satisfy the agreement with the Department of Justice and still have funds available to address some of the court renovations that are critical. It is hopeful that with the remaining funds and additional funds we will be trying to raise, that we can do renovations to the 6 soft courts as soon as possible.

We advised SPAR that we had contacted the USTA Facility Assistance group and started the process to request technical and financial assistance with the court renovations. We submitted the initial form and they have acknowledged receipt. Mr. James West has agreed to be the point person for communications and follow-up with the USTA to ensure it is disseminated to all parties.

The desire and plan of all parties, is to renovate all courts, lighting, curbing, fencing, as well as the building. We realize that funding for all of that is a large hurdle and therefore are addressing the plan in stages. We are moving forward with getting a bid on the scaled down building and the soft court renovations. At the same time, we are looking for other revenue sources to address the other needs. A plan of action that can be presented to the mayor is being developed also. Please step up with your suggestions and help in the endeavor.


A final note, but one that is critically important, is the vote for approving the tax renewals on the ballot for this Saturday April 28, 2018. Included in the renewals is Proposition 2 (Parks & Recreation/Community Centers). The passage of this renewal is critical to on-going funding of our tennis Centers as well as all parks, centers playgrounds. Get out and VOTE!