April update from Jay Boyd regarding Querbes Tennis Center

On April 11,2018, members of the Northwest Louisiana Community Tennis Association’s Querbes Tennis Center Committee met for the second time with SPAR representatives concerning the status of the Querbes Tennis Center renovations. Members of the committee include the following individuals; Jay R. Boyd and Rick Holland (co-chairs), James West ( Querbes Park Foundation), Rhonda Rubben, Brian Benard, Joey Lawler, and USTA Southern representative Bill Phillips. Querbes Tennis Center was represented by Jeff Roberts.

As outlined in our original communication, we met with SPAR on February 13, 2018 and they were to update us when the next round of bids was received on March 13th. Unfortunately, it took several communications until we finally received that update at the April 11,2018 meeting. The new bids once again far exceeded budget. Another plan and request for bids is going out with a much scaled down plan for building revisions. The hope is the new revisions will meet ADA guidelines and still leave some funds to redo court surfaces. SPAR and the Querbes Committee are both in agreement that court improvements are critical. Additional funding sources will be needed and we are applying to the USTA Facility  Assistance Program for planning and financial assistance. Additional funding sources will also be needed.

We have scheduled the next meeting for Wednesday April 25th.