August 17 Querbes Tennis Center Update

If you have been by Querbes Tennis Center this past week, you have seen the initial signs of implementation of the plans we have been discussing. The temporary buildings with an office and restrooms are in place. This allows work on the physical building as communicated last month to begin.

Bid specs are being finalized by the city for new curbing, fencing, soft court resurfacing, irrigation, lighting and shade covering for benches.

The CTA’s Querbes Tennis Center Committee’s volunteers continue to work with SPAR on all of these items. Our next meeting is scheduled for August 29thwhere we hope to complete the bid package for the soft courts.

The following is a repeat of the June 26 update, but needs to be repeated. We need everyone to be involved. Do as much as you can, even a little will go a long ways. Please sign up and help!

Now we need YOUR HELP! The CTA has a Fall Tennis Tournament set for November 9th-11th and we would like to make this a fundraiser for Querbes Tennis Center renovation efforts. Additional funds may be needed to complete all we would like to do on the soft courts and all funds will have to be raised for the hard courts. The CTA has also applied for court a resurface grant for the soft courts and will apply again for the hard court reconstruction.

If you would like to donate please send a check or go to the donation page at and use PayPal. The CTA is a 501 (c) 3 and all donations are tax deductible! Please memo QUERBES RENOVATIONS.

If you would like to be on a committee and assist with the fundraiser in the fall and other work in 2019, please complete the jotform:

The CTA is very excited that this project is moving forward and are looking forward for Querbes Tennis Center to be restored and become a great tennis facility for all to enjoy once again!