The return to USTA league in our community

We are excited to announce the return to USTA league in our community.  Your patience was greatly appreciated!

All players returning to USTA play are required to sign a Waiver. Please make sure you have signed the waiver prior to playing your First USTA match in July. (Only 1 signed waiver is required for the year 2020) 

**Captains, if you have a player on your team that tests positive for Covid19 please let Tammie Harris, Spring League Coordinator, know immediately. There are procedures in place that need to be followed once it is known that a player tests positive.  

  • Your schedules have been updated in Tennislink and play kicks off this week on July 8th! 
  • LEAGUE Days of play did not change. 
  • You will note in the schedules some staggered times. This was done to minimize the number of players checking in the pro shop for a match at any given time. 
  • Please arrive just before match time, leave directly after the match, and maintain a safe distance. 
  • All facilities will have league play on all courts, however there are precautions in place that should be followed. 
  • It is encouraged for you to wash your hands thoroughly before and after play. Hand sanitizer can also be used during change overs.
  • Avoid touching your face, use only your towel and water bottle, and clean your equipment after each use.

PUBLIC FACILITIES – Shreveport and Bossier City

  • Game times can be staggered by 15-30 minutes so please look at your scheduled play time each week.
  • You must wear a face mask to check in and when you are in the Pro Shop Building for any reason.
  • NO water coolers or score cards on the courts until Phase 3. 
  • Water fountain bottle fillers will be available on most sites and water, Gatorade, etc., will be available for purchase in the pro shop.
  • Please remind all your players to bring their own water and ice each week. 


  • Game times can be staggered by 15-30 minutes so please look at your scheduled play time each week.
  • Players are encouraged to wear a face mask when entering the buildings for any reason.
  • Water coolers are on the courts, but you can bring your own ice and water. 

Local League Winners will be recognized locally this year since there is no progression to state, sectionals, or nationals.  Our adult league committee will be meeting soon to determine how to recognize our local league winners.   Please reach out to our local league coordinators should you have any questions regarding the above information.  

Tammie Harris, 318-426-6327,

Rhonda Rubben, 318-423-3259,

All courts are now open for play!

ALL the public and private courts in Shreveport and Bossier are now OPEN for play!  

Please see the Tennis Safe Play Format.  These guidelines are in accordance with the USTA/Southern Rules and were created by a local committee, SPAR, Private Clubs, and Bossier Parks that will be utilized with adapted variations to meet each club and/or facilities needs while following the cities and states requirements.  

Once the USTA and LTA have made decisions on resuming league play and what that looks like, we will keep you updated and informed. The LTA League Council is waiting on USTA and Southern decisions that will impact our state and local decisions. 

More detailed information will be sent out this week by the CTA and each of the facilities and will be posted on their websites and Facebook Pages as they know more and have programs and hours of operations in place.  You can contact the SPAR facilities now for reservations and other information but please wait until Bossier puts out a statement to contact.  This should happen later today or tomorrow.

Please be patient and happy that all the tennis facilities are open!  And please abide by the regulations and guidelines that must be followed per the cities, mayors, and governor.  To all that play, please respect the guidelines that have been set. Staying healthy and safe is priority.   We would like to also let you know that with your Community Tennis Association (CTA) Board’s approval, many pros in our area received assistance through the CTA/LTA and Southern USTA grants. The BLT Group and others also made contributions.

Many thanks to everyone’s efforts to assist the pros during this time.  In addition, USTA and USTA Southern are currently offering grants to assist our local facilities to open back safely and address the Covid-19 concerns. We know this is has been hard on everyone and we sincerely need and appreciate your positive support! 

Lets also give a big THANK YOU to all the Pro’s, staff, and others in their diligent efforts to help get everyone back on the courts!

Tennis Safe Play Format
USTA Player Tips and Recommendations

June update on local USTA League play

As I am sure most of you have heard by now, USTA has given the go-ahead to resume USTA programming on June 15th.  The authority to do so was passed to the USTA sections and the Southern Tennis Association passed the authority to the individual state associations. The executive committee of the Louisiana Tennis Association has given the authority to the local CTAs to begin USTA programming in Louisiana as of June 15th.

All state championships, southern section championships and national championships have been cancelled for the remainder of 2020.  The State league council voted to be liberal with start dates with all leagues, as each local league will be voting to do what is best for their own community.  These dates will be published soon.

Our Local League Council made a recommendation to the CTA board that for the 2020 year we complete the Adult Spring League, play Mixed Doubles and Combo in the fall.  The CTA board voted on this recommendation at the last meeting and it was approved. The only league that will not be offered this year will be Tri-Level. This is due to the shorten time frame to complete the remainder of leagues and Tri-Level coincides with Adult and Mixed every year creating some scheduling conflicts with a shortened year.

Our Adult League committee will be meeting soon to discuss ways that we can recognize our local league winners, since no championship options will be offered this year!

A few key points to consider regarding USTA local league play and why it’s important to play and support:

  • During the last few months the USTA, Southern USTA, LTA, and the local CTA gave significant dollars to our local pros and facilities to assist them during this time financially and to obtain the items, equipment, supplies necessary to reopen.  Approximate $75,000.00just in our local community to date.
  • USTA, Southern, LTA, CTA and local facilities are committed to resuming play in a safe and healthy manner for all players.  A waiver will be required to play USTA league.
  • League play is a vital income source for both the Shreveport and Bossier Public Facilities. They depend on these court fees to survive.
  • League Play affords the USTA, Southern, LTA, and CTA financial support to promote tennis play and programs in our community for adults and juniors.

The local league coordinator, Tammie Harris, will be working with the teams and the pros very closely as we ease back into scheduling the remainder of the Adult league season. We will be looking at each league/level individually and may make recommendations to shorten the number of the remaining round robins currently scheduled to accommodate season end dates.  Season dates will be posted very soon.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the courts again soon! 

Northwest Louisiana Community Tennis Association Board
Tammie Harris, Local League Coordinator, Adult & Mixed
Rhonda Rubben, Local League Coordinator, Tri Level & Combo

Mid-January Querbes Update

The Querbes Tennis Center renovation continues to move forward and opening is scheduled for the end of January and will be available for 2020 Spring Season in February! 

Lights, fencing, irrigation and electrical work are completed.  SPAR crews are painting, cleaning up, finishing up with final touches to the inside of the club house with a new ceiling, lights and windows. 

The subcontractors are here performing the final stages of work for both the hard and soft courts!

Center Court shade structures attached to the light fixtures are also being purchased and will be installed for the soft courts and hard courts 7 and 8.

Again, Querbes can host teams for the spring season as planned.

Secondary interviews for the Tennis Director at Querbes, Southern Hills, and Cockrell are in process.  We are hoping to have pros in place very soon.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Querbes Committee via Contact Us.

We know everyone is more than ready for this project to be completed and we sincerely appreciate you patience, positive thoughts, encouragements, and comments! Please know that the City, SPAR, Querbes Park Foundation, and your Community Tennis Association Committee have put in many man hours together and are working diligently to make this happen, but we want to make sure it happens right!

Early January Querbes Update

The Soft-Court Subcontractor and crew are here and performing some preliminary work currently. The material for both hard and soft courts will be in Tuesday/Wednesday.

The Hard-Court Subcontractor will have two crews coming in to begin topcoat overlay, install net posts, lines, etc., this coming Wednesday

The soft court overlay will also begin Wednesday and will take approximate 7 days, weather permitting.  A little rain will not slow them down so weather permitting an anticipated finish is 1/15/20.

The City has been working diligently with painting, clean up, ordering items, and other work needed at Querbes.

December Querbes Tennis Center Update

The Querbes Tennis Center renovation continues to move forward and opening is scheduled for the end of January and will be available for 2020 Spring Season in February! 

The lights are up, fencing in place, irrigation and electrical work completed, painting and clean up work ongoing, and both the hard and soft court bases are ready for the final stages which will begin next week!

There have been a few delays since the last update, primarily due to unforeseen health problems with the soft court subcontractor. This is the subcontractor that was highly recommended due to his experience with numerous soft court builds and renovations in Louisiana and the surrounding area. The primarily contractor has addressed the issue and project is back on track to be completed by the end of January. 

SPAR has also ordered and is installing new glass in the Club House that was not originally in the budget as well as purchasing all new accessories such as benches and score boards.  Shade structures are also being purchased and will be installed.

Again, Querbes can host teams for the spring season as planned.

Preliminary interviews for the tennis director at Querbes have been conducted and finalists will be coming to Shreveport for additional interviews in the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Querbes Committee via Contact Us via CTA Website

We know everyone is more than ready for this project to be completed and we sincerely appreciate you patience, positive thoughts, encouragements, and comments! Please know that the City, SPAR, Querbes Park Foundation, and your Community Tennis Association Committee have put in many man hours together and are working diligently to make this happen, but we want to make sure it happens right!

2019 Louisiana Tennis Association Award Winners

Bossier Ladies Tennis – Pedro Docampo

St. Joseph’s Academy 2019 Tennis Classic

Northwest Louisiana St. Jude Classic​​

Ged Schwing​​

Northwest Louisiana Community Tennis Association 

Todd Killen, Bianca Schulz

Bossier Tennis Center

Benjamin Koch
Gavriella Smith

Walk-On’s Independence Bowl Junior Classic

Bob Patterson
Gordy Ward

Christie Pylant and Steve Robicheaux

Lloyd Dillion

Tennis Apprentice

The City Championships

Sip and Serve One Day Tournament

Todd Killen

The Babin Family

NW LA CTA Looking for a Coordinator

Areas of Work

  • Develop and promote programs that will recruit and funnel new and current players into organized play towards the growth and participation goals of the USTA, LTA, and the NWLACTA. 
  • Work directly for CTA President, Executive Board and with other Coordinators on all Adult and Junior Programs such as:
    • Tennis Apprentice and Social Leagues to gain new adult players.  A key part of this responsibility would to see that these new players sign up in 2.5 USTA leagues after completion of the program(s).
    • In junior programming, call on targeted schools to assist in creating new programs and players. 
    • Adaptive & Veterans Programs.  Work with CPSB, BPSB, and other organizations such as Veterans or Wheelchair in developing programs.
    • Develop and work with the other coordinators, tennis facilities and pros on programs to build school leagues to further advance the growth of JTT.
    • Develop and assist in implementing other programs that will create a pathway for adults into USTA leagues (i.e. church leagues, company leagues, etc.).
    • Identifies opportunities and recommends methods to improve service, work processes and financial performance. 
    •  Assists in the implementation of quality improvement initiatives.
    • Assists co-workers in the completion of tasks and assignments to ensure continuity of service
    • Works with and assists the CTA’s Volunteer Committee in the recruitment of local volunteers for various events.
    • Provides courteous and prompt service to all internal and external customers.  
    • Prioritizes and addresses requests and assignments in a professional manner to develop cooperative relationships and to ensure that customer confidentiality is assured.
  • Work with the CTA President and/or Marketing Chair on the following:
    • Monthly and bi-monthly E Newsletter 
      • Collecting information from all organizations, pros, and spotlighting of tennis players and what is going on within tennis community.
      • Face Book – Jot Form – Constant Contact – Marketing – Posters & Handouts
  • Attend monthly CTA meetings with a report summarizing Coordinator activities during the previous month and the schedule of events upcoming.  Communicate planned events and follow up to ensure the CTA calendar and website are always accurate.  
  • Provides written summary of work performed to the NWLA CTA president for payment of services at end of each month.
  • Performs other services as requested and projects and events come up.


  • Intermediate to high level knowledge of tennis and general programs in tennis community  
  • Knowledge of Net Generation – Can be learned on Net Generation Website
    • Net Generation Background check, Safe Play Certified, and Legal Acknowledgment with USTA
    • USTA Membership
  • Intermediate to high level of computer knowledge or willingness to learn and be competent in:
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Constant Contact
    • Jot Form
    • Excel
    • Google Docs
    • Publisher or other type program

Other Requirements

Local travel is required for the development of new programs.  Training programs annually for staff training, marketing, and the annual LTA Community Development workshop.

September Querbes Tennis Center Update

The Querbes Tennis Center Committee continues to meet with SPAR at least monthly discussing and working on the renovation and plans for the Tennis Center moving forward. 

Although the CTA has received comments and questions about the perceived slow progress, the City and the contractor assures us that we are still on target for completing the project the beginning of January. Much of the work is in preparation for the new items and not immediately visible to someone just looking at the site and/or not familiar with all the prep work required. A listing of all the work that has been completed is provided to the Querbes CTA Committee on a regular basis. 

A summary of items that are of interest to most CTA members are the following;

  • RFP’s (Request for Proposals) for the positions of Tennis Professional – Querbes Tennis Center and Tennis Professional – Southern Hills Tennis Center have been posted and will remain open for 30 days. The following link can be used to access the RFP or you can access at
  • NWLA CTA Querbes Committee representatives including USTA Southern TSA Bill Phillips will be involved in the selection process
  • Work expected to be completed within the next 30 days includes; all light pole bases completed, Lights installed, Irrigation completed, Clay court fence completed (other than gates), other fencing started, Mow strip completed, and Hauser Tennis (Clay Court Contractor) is scheduled for the 2ndweek of October. 

The Querbes Tennis Center Committee is excited about the progress and the completely renovated facility that the community will be enjoying in early 2020.

July 15 Querbes Tennis Center Update

The Querbes Tennis Center complete renovation is proceeding as planned and still on schedule to be completed by January 2020.

 Work Completed:
• Cut out asphalt and disposed of to prepare for hard court post tension overlay.
• Removed interior fencing and cut poles to proposed height to prepare for sleeving.
• Removed existing light poles and disposed of.
• Removed net post poles and anchors.
• Drilled holes in preparation of concrete for light pole bases; install conduit, rebar, and anchor bolts – 41/48 complete (3 of the 7 have an electrical line that may be of conflict. Architect is aware and we will discuss after 811 locate marks site on 7/18). 
• Dirt between clay and hard courts has been removed to allow better drainage. 
• Mow strip has been dug out on south side of clay court. 
• Light fixtures are on site, poles are not finished at the present. 
• Cut out concrete on courts 11 & 12 around net post. 
• Cut out concrete around hard courts in order to pour new ADA handicap ramp. 
• Removed existing sidewalks leading to clay courts.

Work Expected to be complete in next 30 days:
• All light pole bases completed. 
• Light pole electrical conduit trenched and installed to all lights. 
• Lights possibly installed if poles are received. 
• Mow Strip Completed. 
• Clay court irrigation started. 
• Net post bases started possibly completed.

Northwest Louisiana CTA Querbes Committee