July 15 Querbes Tennis Center Update

The Querbes Tennis Center complete renovation is proceeding as planned and still on schedule to be completed by January 2020.

 Work Completed:
• Cut out asphalt and disposed of to prepare for hard court post tension overlay.
• Removed interior fencing and cut poles to proposed height to prepare for sleeving.
• Removed existing light poles and disposed of.
• Removed net post poles and anchors.
• Drilled holes in preparation of concrete for light pole bases; install conduit, rebar, and anchor bolts – 41/48 complete (3 of the 7 have an electrical line that may be of conflict. Architect is aware and we will discuss after 811 locate marks site on 7/18). 
• Dirt between clay and hard courts has been removed to allow better drainage. 
• Mow strip has been dug out on south side of clay court. 
• Light fixtures are on site, poles are not finished at the present. 
• Cut out concrete on courts 11 & 12 around net post. 
• Cut out concrete around hard courts in order to pour new ADA handicap ramp. 
• Removed existing sidewalks leading to clay courts.

Work Expected to be complete in next 30 days:
• All light pole bases completed. 
• Light pole electrical conduit trenched and installed to all lights. 
• Lights possibly installed if poles are received. 
• Mow Strip Completed. 
• Clay court irrigation started. 
• Net post bases started possibly completed.

Northwest Louisiana CTA Querbes Committee