June 26 Querbes Tennis Center Update


The bids have come back and have been accepted to begin the ADA compliance work on the Querbes Tennis Center! The bonds and contracts are being processed and signed and work should begin on the clubhouse mid to late July!

A temporary building with restrooms will be put out front during the renovation.

As you can see from the drawing the men’s and women’s restrooms have been flipped and both now have 3 restrooms and double sinks in each. There will also be storage beside and behind them for janitorial and miscellaneous supplies. The lower area and the manager’s office will remain the same and the counter space has been shortened. The area will also be painted with new flooring and counter tops. A wheelchair/Platform Lift will be installed outside facing court 7.

As a result of much planning, scaling back on the clubhouse renovations, and prioritizing court surface improvements, funds from the bond will be available to resurface the soft courts, and make improvements to the fences, lights, net posts and shade coverage! SPAR and the CTA are working on these plans and will meet again in late July to hopefully finalize with a target start date of late summer to early fall with a 90-120 day turnaround, weather permitting!

The hard courts, fencing, curbs, lights, etc., reconstruction work cannot be completed with the current dollars left in the budget. The soft courts are the immediate prior, but work on the hard courts is also needed. We will have to access all possible funding sources to complete the hard court work. We are hopeful this can be done in 2019, but will need everyone’s efforts to accomplish this goal.

Now we need YOUR HELP!

The CTA has a Fall Tennis Tournament set for November 9th-11th and we would like to make this a fundraiser for Querbes Tennis Center renovation efforts. Additional funds may be needed to complete all we would like to do on the soft courts and all funds will have to be raised for the hard courts. The CTA has also applied for court a resurface grant for the soft courts and will apply again for the hard court reconstruction.

If you would like to donate please send a check or go to www.nwlacta website page and use pay pal. The CTA is a 501 (c) 3 and all donations are tax deductible! Please memo QUERBES RENOVATIONS.

If you would like to be on a committee and assist with the fundraiser in the fall and other work in 2019, please complete the jotform:

The CTA is very excited that this project is moving forward and are looking forward for Querbes Tennis Center to be restored and become a great tennis facility for all to enjoy once again!