Tennis Apprentice

What is Tennis Apprentice?

Tennis Apprentice is the largest beginner adult tennis program in the South! It started as an idea from Liz Azcona Metrailer, Director of Marketing with the Louisiana Tennis Association (LTA). The program is designed to introduce tennis to adults (18 & over). Hundreds of adult beginners have participated in these programs all over the state.  We invite you to step out on the tennis courts!

Where Do I Go? When can I start?

Check our calendar to find out which facilities are currently hosting session. These sessions last from 4-6 weeks, most of these were in the evening, one session per week.  (You can sign up at:, call a local club, or check our calendar for the next Tennis Apprentice event.)

What Else Can I Expect from Participating in a Tennis Apprentice Program?

The opportunity to learn a lifetime sport while having fun and getting exercise! Our local courts are clean and safe. The pros are interested in your success on the court. Bring a friend and give it a try!

Comments from Tennis Apprentice Players

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“I heard about Tennis Apprentice from my neighbor, I signed up online. My biggest fear was the intimidation of not being a good player or being with others, that were better than me. After our first lesson, those fears were put to rest!”

“The pros taught us the basics of learning the game, progression of shots, and playing the game.”

“The social aspect was a tremendous plus with the new friends that I met. I am still having lessons with these new friends.”

What Do I Do After I Complete a Tennis Apprentice Program?

You become a Tennis Apprentice Alumni! The next step is to take lessons, join a beginning league called “The Step Up” League (this is a beginner’s league that starts immediately after Tennis Apprentice-see your pro for details).Within a short time, you will be playing men and women morning tennis pick up games, joining tennis groups, such as Shreveport Ladies Tennis Association (, and night and day time USTA leagues. All of these programs will match your skill level.

Sign up today!  Have Fun!  See you on the Courts!