tri-levelWhat is Tri-Level?

• A team match consists of three individual doubles matches: one doubles match at three different levels (Example, one 3.0 doubles, one 3.5 doubles and one 4.0 doubles = Tri-Level team)
• You will play best 2 out of 3 sets, with the 3rd set being a 10 point tie break.
• Leagues are required to play a minimum of three matches.
• Players will have to play a minimum of one match to qualify for the State Tournament (One match can be a default.)
• Players may play at their NTRP rated level or one level higher.
• Participation does not affect player’s NTRP rating.

Registration opens for Tri-Level April 10th, 2017 in Shreveport-Bossier. We will offer the following Levels:

18 & Over:
2.5-3.0-3.5 (women only)
3.0-3.5-4.0 (men and women)
3.5-4.0-4.5 (men and women)

40 & Over:
3.0-3.5-4.0 (men and women)
3.5-4.0-4.5 (men and women)

55 & Over:
3.0-3.5-4.0 (men and women)

Important Dates:
April 10-Team Registration Opens
May 8-Team Registration Closes-Must have a minimum of 2 players at each level registered on the team
May 15 -Season Starts
July 28-Season Ends
Aug 11-14-State-Baton Rouge
Sectionals Invitational Oct 13-16 Jackson MS

For More Information Contact
Tammie Harris, Tri-Level Coordinator