NW LA CTA Looking for Junior Coordinator

NLooking for a part time job that is rewarding and will help our children, juniors, and Tennis Community? Check this out!!! If interested, please contact Rhonda Rubben at rrubben8@gmail.com 
Job Responsibilities Include:Works with the Board and Community Coordinator/CTA with community tennis events in schools, neighborhoods and tennis centers.
Plan and promote with Pros Play Days and/or Red Ball Events. 
 Assist Pro’s and facilities with junior programs/planning.
 Network with local schools to provide opportunities for junior play/intro to tennis.
 Attend CTA meetings, provide reports and updates.
Work with LTA/Southern Region for numbers/marketing/planning.

Responsible for player/event information data being submitted to LTA/USTA for junior numbers.

Assists with Junior budget for CTA.

Help plan and work with a committee with the CTA Tournaments.

Recruit and train volunteers for local junior events. 

Promote and market junior events with flyers, jotform, constant contact emails, social media, local clubs and media when needed.

Look for opportunities within the community for junior tennis introductions such as the Revel, church events, Girl Scouts, neighborhood libraries, etc.