Querbes Tennis Courts Update

Hey Gang,
Just a note to let you know of a problem that I am sure you are aware of.  The conditions of the courts at Querbes have made the Louisiana Tennis Association change the venue for the Red River Shootout Junior Tournament scheduled in a couple of weeks and they will not schedule using any courts at the upcoming 40 & Over State tournament for adults in November that the NWLACTA will host.
Shreveport Parks & Recreation (SPAR) is aware of this problem. A bond issue was passed in 2011 to redesign the pro shop to make it ADA compliant. This will improve the bathrooms and overall have a nicer venue. With this bond issue, there was really nothing in it for the courts or lights. The bids just to bring the pro shop and improve the bathrooms came in $200,000 over budget. So things will need to be redesigned. All of this takes time. The bottom line as the CTA is concerned, unless the courts are fixed first, there will be no one at Querbes to use the new bathrooms and pro shop.
Our CTA would like to try and help with getting the ball rolling on the best way to get the courts in shape. At the very least, we want to get the clay courts where they are in decent shape and then the hard courts which will be of more expense.
At our October CTA meeting we were discussing on forming a committee to try and see the best way to approach this problem. We have the support of the Querbes Park Foundation which we will partner with on this project.
Please email at bob.patterson@ubh.com or call me at 318-423-0354 if you are interested in being a part of this process. We will see as a CTA what we can do help get the courts in shape. Even if you do not play out Querbes, we all have matches there, so this is important. Thanks in advance for helping to serve on a “Querbes Court Committee” that we will look at forming.
Bob Patterson
CTA President