The return to USTA league in our community

We are excited to announce the return to USTA league in our community.  Your patience was greatly appreciated!

All players returning to USTA play are required to sign a Waiver. Please make sure you have signed the waiver prior to playing your First USTA match in July. (Only 1 signed waiver is required for the year 2020) 

**Captains, if you have a player on your team that tests positive for Covid19 please let Tammie Harris, Spring League Coordinator, know immediately. There are procedures in place that need to be followed once it is known that a player tests positive.  

  • Your schedules have been updated in Tennislink and play kicks off this week on July 8th! 
  • LEAGUE Days of play did not change. 
  • You will note in the schedules some staggered times. This was done to minimize the number of players checking in the pro shop for a match at any given time. 
  • Please arrive just before match time, leave directly after the match, and maintain a safe distance. 
  • All facilities will have league play on all courts, however there are precautions in place that should be followed. 
  • It is encouraged for you to wash your hands thoroughly before and after play. Hand sanitizer can also be used during change overs.
  • Avoid touching your face, use only your towel and water bottle, and clean your equipment after each use.

PUBLIC FACILITIES – Shreveport and Bossier City

  • Game times can be staggered by 15-30 minutes so please look at your scheduled play time each week.
  • You must wear a face mask to check in and when you are in the Pro Shop Building for any reason.
  • NO water coolers or score cards on the courts until Phase 3. 
  • Water fountain bottle fillers will be available on most sites and water, Gatorade, etc., will be available for purchase in the pro shop.
  • Please remind all your players to bring their own water and ice each week. 


  • Game times can be staggered by 15-30 minutes so please look at your scheduled play time each week.
  • Players are encouraged to wear a face mask when entering the buildings for any reason.
  • Water coolers are on the courts, but you can bring your own ice and water. 

Local League Winners will be recognized locally this year since there is no progression to state, sectionals, or nationals.  Our adult league committee will be meeting soon to determine how to recognize our local league winners.   Please reach out to our local league coordinators should you have any questions regarding the above information.  

Tammie Harris, 318-426-6327,

Rhonda Rubben, 318-423-3259,