Update from Jay Boyd on Querbes Tennis Center rehabilitation

The Northwest Louisiana Community Tennis Association (NWLACTA) Board of Directors knows all of the tennis players in northwest Louisiana are interested and supportive of our joint efforts to bring Querbes Tennis Center back to its position as one of the premier public tennis facilities in north Louisiana.

Whereas the 2011 Bond Issue that was passed ($500,000 original with $440,000 remaining) MUST be utilized to bring the building into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the city and SPAR are very aware of the other numerous issues that need to be addressed including resurfacing of both the hard and clay courts and improving the lighting and hoping there are left over funds, along with others, to address these much needed improvements.

On February 13th, representatives of the NWLA CTA (Jay Boyd & Rhonda Rubben) and USTA Southern (Bill Phillips) met with representatives of the Shreveport Parks and Recreation (SPAR) Department including Shelly Ragle (Director), Patrick Wesley (Asst. Director), Stephen Terese (Querbes Project Director), Russell DeLancy (City Architect) and Katie Martin (Assistant to the Director, Planning and Development). The meeting included our discussing areas that the tennis community could potentially help with (including USTA grants and facility planning expertise) and SPAR updating us on the current status of the project. The city understands all the issues and problems including court conditions very well and was updated on the results of USTA League and regular play being down substantially including no state tournaments, no SALT league play, etc.

New scaled down drawings have been submitted and are out for bid (due 3/13/18). The new plans call for a smaller elevator, ADA compliant restrooms (no showers), plus new check-in and office downstairs. The city has also submitted a grant for funds for lighting.  Discussions on the courts, lights, etc. will occur after the 3/13 bid review. Spar Director Shelly Ragle assured us that they would contact us after the bids are in and another meeting will be set up and further discussion will happen before any actions are taken.

Overall, it was a very productive meeting and provided good communication exchange from all parties. A small planning committee for the Querbes Tennis Center project has been formed and includes the following individuals; Jay R. Boyd (co-chair), Rick Holland (co-chair), Rhonda Rubben, Brian Bernard, and Joey Lawler. Everyone who has signed up at to assist in the Querbes Renovation Project are on the large committee, and we will be calling on you once we get the update on bids and plans from the city. If you have any questions, you can reach me at jayrboyd@gmail.com, or 318-573-5717.